Stain Removal

Stubborn Stains? We'll See About That!

Worried that you might bury a stain deeper into your fabric by cleaning it wrong? This is a very real problem that many of our customers face! Some fabrics aren’t worth the risk. Bring them in and let us handle it safely.

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Removing stains incorrectly can burn them into the fabric permanently.

Different stains have different properties, while each fabric has unique cleaning needs. When you combine these two, things can get pretty uncertain. If we weren’t professionals, we wouldn’t go near it either!

Our stain removal toolkit is suited for every type of resistant stain.

Some stains need to be lifted enzymatically, oily residues need to be lifted with non-polar cleaners, while some fabrics require careful mechanical abrasion, even the temperature makes a difference!

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Get a Stain Removal Appraisal

We want to make sure that we can safely remove your stain. Please provide details about the type of fabric and the type of stain and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you would like to send us any photos, please attach them here. Maximum of 5 files, 3 MB each. Must be jpg, png, gif, or jpeg.

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