Repairs and Alterations

Perfect Fit. Perfect Look. Perfect Feel.

Our alteration experts tailor to your every need and bring out your best features. Feeling picky? No problem. We know the perfect fit comes with meticulous attention, and we’re here to work with you to achieve it.

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Something old or something new... Either way we can help you!

Maybe it’s a sentimental item that needs care and retouching, or a new online purchase that just doesn’t fit right. Simply wear the item and let our specialists measure the exact fit for you on site. 

Short on time? We're just a click away!

Our customers are busy people. We may offer pickup and delivery services for repairs and alterations to your area, so you won’t need to leave the comfort of your home. Simply sign up with us, and our specialists can come to you.

Due to Covid-19, this service is not currently available.


Make It Fit Flawlessly

Tell us about your garment to get a personalised solution.

If you would like to send us any photos, please attach them here. Maximum of 5 files, 3 MB each. Must be jpg, png, gif, or jpeg.

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